Earlier this year, New Haven Farm Home was very happy to welcome Vicki to our service, who now calls our Bosworth Street site home.

Vicki enjoys art and craft and has made lots of decorations for around her home including flower arrangements, vases and more recently some creative halloween decorations. Colouring in is another of Vicki’s favourite activities.

Along with craft, Vicki has been enjoying cooking meals to share with her housemates. Some of the meals she has prepared include beef burritos, curried sausages and a chocolate cake for afternoon tea.

Vicki enjoys celebrating birthday’s and Christmas and looks forward to Christmas celebrations and decorating her home soon.

Vicki is most confident in quieter spaces but is being supported by her New Haven Farm Home team to become more confident when out in the community, especially in shopping centres where there can be many more people.

It has been wonderful to have Vicki join us at New Haven Farm Home and we look forward to sharing her many activities and achievements with you over the coming months.

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