Service Overview

Our Services

New Haven Farm Home is an accommodation and lifestyle support service in the Hawkesbury region dedicated to providing person centred support for people with a disability.

It is important to us that each person is the centre of any decisions made about their life, with choices in the activities they participate in, the skills they would like to learn and develop, as well as the goals they would like to achieve.

New Haven Farm Home acknowledges that all individuals, regardless of their support needs, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or nationality, have the right to opportunities that will enable them to enhance, fulfil and demonstrate a valued role in their community.

In addition to supported independent living accommodation, New Haven Farm Home offers a variety of services to people with a disability, depending on their individual needs, skill base and goals. The support available continues to grow and diversify as each individual develops. Services include:

  • transportation
  • assistance in accessing community organisations
  • assistance in employment opportunities
  • educational programs
  • lifestyle programs
  • community access
  • development of skills, both within the home setting and in the community.
  • support for holidays & recreation
  • facilitating the development of hobbies or interests.

Person Centred Approach

The New Haven Farm Home team of qualified staff encourage clients to take an active role in the decisions made for their daily lives. This involves client’s identifying the goals they would like to achieve and plan activities that work towards these goals. Our support enhances each individual’s competencies, supporting skill development and enabling them to fully participate in the community in which they live, and in their own home.

Our person centred approach is based on a holistic philosophy with the happiness of each client at the core of our service delivery. This includes ensuring all health care and support needs are met, as well as involving an individual’s family, friends and significant others, to help them achieve their goals. In addition, our staff take an active role in ensuring each individual is supported to engage in the household and the local community.


New Haven Farm Home has been committed to enhancing the lives of people with a disability for almost 60 years. In this time, our facilities have been continually updated to ensure the needs of each individual are met in the homes in which they live.

During 2014-2015 New Haven Farm Home underwent a $9 million redevelopment that has allowed us to provide our clients with new state of the art facilities at both our semi-rural site in Freemans Reach and our municipal sites in Richmond.

In 2018, New Haven Farm Home actively took steps to address the need for additional supported accommodation services for people living with a disability through the acquisition of a third Richmond site. Our Bosworth Street site consists of three new villas and provides supported accommodation for an additional 12 people.


‘The Farm’ is ideal for those clients who prefer a more peaceful environment in a rural farm setting. The modern and fully landscaped facilities are set amongst native trees and bushland.

The site offers three modern villas and two cottages, all built to a high standard of design meeting the needs of people with a disability. Clients have access to our hydrotherapy facilities which includes a quality hydraulic hoist with easy access to our shade-covered and heated pool and a fully covered BBQ and recreation area.

Our farm, based on 16 hectares, provides an animal husbandry program for clients who have an interest in animals and being involved in their care. Individuals are supported to learn and develop their skills as they help to feed and care for the horse, cattle, chickens and cats currently on site. Caring for animals not only develops skills, but also provides positive mental health benefits for all involved. With council approval for agistment, client’s ideas and interests in animal care help to shape the direction of the farm and the addition of any new animals to the farm in the future or on a temporary basis.


We currently have three sites in Richmond which offer clients easy access to all the usual activities of daily life in a community setting. With close walk to shopping centres, public transport and other community service providers, we focus on client access and safety whilst exercising independence and encouraging people to branch out and expand their horizons. This may mean a new job through ‘open employment’, walking to the local gym for a regular workout, heading to the local shops or being a member of a local sporting club or hobby group.

At all of the Richmond sites, the villas and facilities are brand new and equipped with state of the art features, suited to the needs of the clients who call it home. The modern facilities enable clients to learn and develop practical living skills such as cooking meals or inviting family and friends over for a BBQ which overall supports them to increase their independence.

We currently have vacancies at our Bosworth Street site.