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New Haven Farm Home clients have been working towards their individual goals over the past few months and have achieved some great things.

Here are just a few!


Shane has recently moved to New Haven Farm Home’s Bosworth Street site and we are very happy to help you get to know him!

Shane is a friendly and outgoing young man. He enjoys chatting to people and making new friends.

He is an absolute coffee lover! Not only does he enjoy a cup at a café, but he also loves to make coffee for others!

Shane aspires to be a barista. Working towards this goal, Shane is about to complete a course at the Australian Barista School in Sydney. He is very excited about this opportunity to develop his skills and take another step closer to his employment goals.

Once a week, Shane works at the café at the local Western Sydney University campus. He loves meeting people and working in their coffee shop.
Shane enjoys listening to Elvis; going to the Friday night raffles at the local golf club; ten pin bowling and spending time with his family.

One of Shane’s goals is to develop his cooking skills, and is being supported to learn how to prepare and cook new meals which he shares with his house mates.

On the weekends, Shane likes to take a road-trip to different towns to have a look around, learn new places, and of course stop for a coffee! In the last few weeks Shane has enjoyed visiting both Wollongong and Mount Panorama!


Michael lives at New Haven Farm Home’s semi-rural property at Freemans Reach.

He has a real interest in attending and being involved in meetings about our community. He is particularly interested in learning more about the Mayor of Hawkesbury.

Michael recently attended the AGM for Nepean Community College, where he is completing his reading and writing course. Michael had the opportunity to speak at this meeting and did a fantastic job!

Every Friday, Michael goes to Zumba at the Active8 Gym in Richmond. He loves going to zumba, dancing and exercising to some of his favourite music; having fun and looking after his heath and fitness at the same time.

Michael loves being out in the community; socialising; going to clubs; out for a cappuccino and participating in every day activities such as doing the grocery shopping; going to his reading and writing class; going out and chatting with his friends.

Michael is currently working towards his goal of participating in more activities that build his social skills and enable him to be included in mainstream society.