94 Reserve Rd


New Haven Farm Home’s semi-rural farm based property is set on a picturesque landscaped 16 hectares in the Hawkesbury town of Freemans Reach. This calming environment provides individuals the perfect place to learn and develop skills in a safe, tranquil space, with more opportunities to interact with animals and landscape than are usually offered in suburban locations.

Architecturally designed gardens with wheelchair accessible pathways connect all buildings alongside the ‘Bill and Lola Walk’, enabling a safe stroll around the property and garden areas.

This site features 3 large, 4 bedroom villas and 2 comfortable 2 bedroom cottages. These newly built and furnished houses provide clients a safe and comfortable home environment to explore and learn new life skills.

Many of the residents have mastered daily living skills such as cooking, laundering their own clothes, cleaning their own rooms and working together with their housemates to care for shared living areas such as kitchens and lounge rooms, and challenges such as managing financial matters – skills previously unknown to some.

While the Farm provides a quiet country environment to clients, it is located within close proximity to the Windsor and Richmond town centres. Clients access local communities on a regular basis as a part of their person-centred programs, participating in leisure and recreational activities as well as employment and day programs and day to day activities such as shopping and banking.


Earlier this year, Michael, who lives at New Haven Farm Home, dressed up and enjoyed a night out of dinner and opera with his support worker.

Michael had a fantastic time, choosing North Richmond’s Mountain Palace Restaurant for dinner before heading over to Penrith’s Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre to see a David Hobson opera performance.