55-57 Windsor St


Our homes at 55-57 Windsor Street consist of three large newly built and furnished 3 bedroom villas located within walking distance to the Richmond town centre. Each villa has been named by the residents, with the names Bowman House, Yellowmundee Villa & Deeimba Cottage, all having a local historical significance.

The New Haven Farm Home team works closely with residents underpinned by a person centred approach supporting them to develop their skills and achieve their goals. Even as their goals evolve and change, the team helps them to increase their self-determination and independence.

The residences at Windsor St provide a homely, safe, productive and nurturing environment, where all individuals are supported to grow and become the person they want to be. Each person’s ideas, dreams and goals are encouraged and promoted, with inspiration, creativity and uniqueness being integral parts of all aspects of life.

Residents are all actively involved in daily living, including shopping, cooking, banking, laundry and caring for their homes. They live and actively participate in the local community as contributing members through employment, day programs, leisure and recreational activities and are supported in learning new life skills both in and around their homes and in social setting.

55-57 Windsor St is an energetic and positive environment. Residents are happy, bright and eager, thriving and enjoying the challenges and rewards of living and engaging with the community.


One of Colin’s goals is to learn how to use a computer.

Working towards developing his skills and confidence on the computer, Colin is being supported to attend a weekly computer skills course in the local community. He is currently learning how to use the internet and navigate through different websites.