40 Bosworth Street

40 Bosworth Street

New Haven Farm Home’s site on Bosworth Street is the newest of the accommodation offerings and is located within walking distance from the town centre of Richmond.

This site includes three brand new large four bedroom homes, each with comfortable and fully furnished rooms and private backyard spaces.

Purchased in 2018, this site enables New Haven Farm Home to provide person centred support to an additional 12 people living with a disability, taking steps towards addressing the needs in our community.

Based in the heart of Richmond, our Bosworth Street site is the ideal location for individuals to have easy access to activities and services in their local community environment, enabling them to easily contribute and belong as valued members of society.

If you are interested in learning more about the vacancies available at our this site please click here to send us your enquiry or phone (02)4579 6131.

See some photos from the site here.


Jess has recently moved into New Haven Farm Home’s modern home on Bosworth Street in Richmond.

Jess is settling into her new home well. She likes helping others and enjoys baking for her housemates.

Jess has shown great interest in painting and art and is being supported to spend time developing these skills.