40 Bosworth Street

40 Bosworth Street

This home is the largest residential property in the New Haven Farm Home portfolio, offering access to permanent residential care and accommodation for up to 12 people with a disability.

Located in the heart of Richmond close to cafes, restaurants, schools, shopping and public transport, this New Haven Farm Home community is a vibrant environment that encompasses three brand new four bedroom homes.

Our Bosworth Street site is the ideal location for individuals looking to have easy access to activities and services within their local community and is just a short stroll to the main streets of Richmond town centre.

Each four bedroom home has been built to NDIS SDA robust criteria with separate living and dining areas, spacious kitchens and simple modern bathrooms. Each home features its own individual style, whilst at the same time reflecting a homely and comfortable environment to be enjoyed.


  • open plan living and dining areas
  • contemporary kitchens with central cooking spaces for learning and sharing
  • newly renovated modern bathrooms
  • four spacious bedrooms, each fitted out with modern furnishings
  • private courtyards and outdoor spaces

Activities & Facilities

The residences at 40 Bosworth Street provide a homely, caring and interactive environment within the newly built dwellings. All individuals are supported to grow and meet their personal goals, underpinned with a commitment to learn new skills and increase confidence. Clients within this community share a range of varied interests including cooking, music, sport and craft.

Clients are actively involved in daily living, including shopping, cooking, banking, laundry and caring for their homes. They live and actively participate in the local community as contributing members through employment, day programs, leisure and recreational activities and are supported in learning new life skills both in and around their homes and within their residential and social setting.

One of the highlights for clients in this community is the military planes that fly overhead on the occasional day trip. With the nearby RAAF Richmond base, one of the favourite events of the week is watching the planes with their fellow clients from the spacious backyards.

Clients from 40 Bosworth also enjoy a spot of decorating and all common areas across the site boast beautifully curated interiors, each contributed by the personal belongings of clients, adding to the overall homely feeling of this wonderful and vibrant community.

If you are interested in learning more about the vacancies available at our this site please click here to send us your enquiry or phone (02)4579 6131.

See some photos from the site here.


Ward is a very active, talented and kind man who keeps himself busy by maintaining supported employment at Access Industries. Ward has a few hobbies and interests, including playing the drums and the piano. He has his own drum set to practice as well as playing the house piano for everyone. Ward is also a member of the Sydney Opera House where he has visited
the orchestra on occasions. Ward enjoys wandering around Sydney, going out for dinner and enjoying everyone’s company.