Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations Geraldene

We’re very pleased to announce Geraldene as Employee of the Quarter. There is no doubt that Geraldene always gives 110% to her work and she is always putting in the effort to improve on herself as a professional. This does not go unnoticed.

Covering Villa 3 for the period of Georgia’s maternity leave was not an easy task. Geraldene flew in and provided unwavering support to Clients and staff over what could be perceived as a difficult period for this Villa. Congratulations Geraldene. We thank you for everything you do for NHFH to make this place better for Clients and the organisation as a whole.

“Geraldene is a dedicated and hardworking support worker who gives her best to ensuring all the clients’ documents are up to date. She also finds creative and engaging ways to make sure the clients achieve their goals.”

“Geraldene has done an amazing job as acting Villa Coordinator and has kept all clients documents up to date. Gereldene was fantastic with Joy and understanding her behaviours.”

“Geraldene has done an amazing job filling in for myself. I have come back to work with a very smooth transition.”

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