Dennis is a friendly man who loves to have a chat. He is knowledgeable about a range of topics and enjoys living in his home at one of New Haven Farm Home’s Richmond sites.

Dennis is very proud of his Aboriginal heritage and enjoys being involved in regular activities and social groups for Aboriginal men which allows him to keep a close and active connection to his heritage.

Each week Dennis attends a pottery class at Blacktown Arts and Craft Group. He has been doing pottery for the past year and it is great to see his skills and talents through his artworks.

Dennis is very clever at repairing and restoring old radios and electronic devices, returning them to working order. He has been supported to set up a workbench area at his home which gives him the space to store his tools and work on a range of woodwork or restoration projects.

His engagement in the local Men’s Shed group is a great way for Dennis to grow in his skills and abilities in woodwork, learn the correct way to use a range of tools and socialise with other men in the community.

Dennis is a keen fisherman. He loves an afternoon by the water fishing and enjoys finding new spots to try. He also likes visiting national parks and lookouts.

Gardening is another interest of Dennis’. He volunteers at the local community garden and even has his own worm farm!

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