Empowering through support


Often the power of words and phrases can be under-estimated or not given appropriate levels of consideration. Within the disability sector, you may often hear words or phrases of ‘care’ verses ‘support’. Whilst on first consideration, either word may elicit positive thoughts and associations and it would be right to do so as both imply consideration and assistance to others.

By true definition, the word care means the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone.

Alternatively, support means to provide assistance.

At New Haven Farm Home, we make a clear distinction and focus on the later term. The word ‘care’ is a very inactive word for the actual client or participant. It places the importance, dominance and actually empowers the person providing the care, whilst removing such from the person receiving it. Alternatively, the word ‘support’ is far more active for the client or participant and both implies and allows them to be the dominant factor in the relationship, making them the driving force and the decision maker of all interactions. Furthermore, it encompasses all areas and factors of a person’s life, not stopping at meeting a person’s needs but extending to likes, desires and goals. Whilst it is incredibly important that the client is the focus of the organisation’s vision and mission as well as their daily work, New Haven Farm Home extends this thinking and consequential action to its members of staff also, working at all times to support them in their work so that they may continue to provide optimal levels of support to our clients.

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