Jess moved into New Haven Farm Home’s newest site on Bosworth Street Richmond in August last year.

She is a kind and caring woman who tries to be very helpful to staff and her house mates. Jess shows a genuine concern for others and likes to make sure everyone is safe, well and looked after.

Jess loves to go shopping, especially for tops and skirts in her favourite colours – pink and purple! Jess is being supported to develop skills in budgeting and money management. She is learning about saving and the value of money when shopping and is very proud of going to make regular payments on her lay-by.

Art, craft and flowers are just some of Jess’ interests. She really enjoys making cards for others and even makes her own wrapping paper! Jess loves celebrating and always puts lots of effort into using her art and craft to decorate for birthdays and make others feel special.

Jess is currently decorating flower vases, combining her love of art and craft with her interests in flowers and flower decorating.

Zumba every Friday at Active8 Gym is one of Jess’ favourite activities. She loves to dance and sing especially to songs by Mariah Carey.

Jess enjoys cooking and is being supported to learn new skills when preparing meals to share with her housemates and when baking treats to share with her family when they come to visit.

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