Doug is a friendly gentleman who loves a chat. He lives with housemates at one of New Haven Farm Home’s Richmond based sites and enjoys being able to independently go for a walk to the local shops and around his community.

His Aboriginal culture and heritage are very important to him. Doug enjoys participating in a local men’s Koori art group where he can continually socialise with other Australian Indigenous men, learn about his heritage and practice his skills in Aboriginal art. He has created some beautiful artworks and is always happy to share them with others.

Doug is a very talented musician who is amazing at playing the harmonica and is learning to play the ukulele. He attends regular ukulele classes where he has the opportunity to practice the songs he learns in a group. Doug also enjoys singing and dancing, listening to country music and anything by Johnny Cash or The Beatles.

Doug always enjoys going to markets or stopping by a garage sale in search for cheap radios which he repairs into better working order.

He loves dark chocolate, old movies, making loom bands, photography and creating new art projects.

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