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COVID-19 Update – 25 June 2021

Dear Family and Friends of New Haven Farm Home,

I hope this finds you all safe and well.

With the recent changes to community and residential guidelines in relation to COVID-19, I wish to ensure you that the health and safety of all our clients, their families, and our staff is of utmost importance to us.

New Haven Farm Home receives regular updates through a variety of platforms, including NSW Health, in regards to the most current operating guidelines both within the service and when our clients are being supported to access the community. At all times, New Haven Farm Home acts in accordance with these guidelines.

Whilst full acknowledgment is given that the situation may alter in the future and that as an organisation, we will adjust to comply with any changes, the current guidelines that we are operating include:

  • All support staff are utilising the wearing of masks along with practicing good hygiene practices;
  • Two visitors are allowed each day, per client, recognising the physical distance guidelines in place;
  • Visitors are required to sign in and are advised to adhere to general community restrictions, such as mask-wearing indoors, check-in/out of the facility, hand hygiene, and have not been to any hotspot or close contact locations;
  • Limiting the movement of staff between sites and cancelling any unnecessary interactions;
  • Ensuring client community access activities are being conducted in line with current community guidelines and where appropriate, being cancelled.


    As always, please don’t hesitate to contact the Site Manager or myself if you have any further queries.

Sincerely yours,

Annette Allen
Chief Executive Officer

A message from the Board

At the commencement of July 2020, the New Haven Farm Home Board appointed Ms Annette Allen in the capacity of Acting CEO due to the sudden departure of the previous CEO. The active seeking of a new CEO whilst COVID-19 was at its peak, was not really an option. The appointment was then further extended in September 2020.

In this time, Annette has filled the role with diligence and the Board are pleased with her performance. Consequently, a decision has been made by the Board of New Haven Farm Home to appoint Ms Annette Allen as CEO of New Haven Farm Home, under a new three-year contract, commencing 1 June 2021.

On behalf of the Board, I both congratulate and wish Annette well in this endeavor and I am sure with the support of all staff and members of the organisation that New Haven Farm Home will continue to prosper and achieve its goal of delivering high-quality support and services to our clients.

If you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any other member of the Board.

With best regards,
Warren Chalker – Chairman

ANZAC Day commemorations

On the 23rd of April 2021, New Haven Farm Home commemorated Anzac Day with a ceremony held at our Freemans Reach site. The service was held to allow clients an opportunity to come together to remember the sacrifice that those brave men and women made for the Australia we know and love today. We would like to thank everyone who attended this event and everyone who gave up their time to take part in the ceremony.


Australia Day at New Haven Farm Home was lots of fun, with clients putting their baking skills and creativity into practice to participate in a Lamington Bake-Off! It was wonderful to see everyone get involved.

There were lots of very creative entries with amazing decorations, including lamingtons in a range of colours and flavours, even lamingtons that looked like the Australian and Aboriginal flags!

Special thanks to all of the staff who made the bake-off and Australia Day activities a great success.


Doug is a friendly gentleman who loves a chat. He lives with housemates at one of New Haven Farm Home’s Richmond based sites and enjoys being able to independently go for a walk to the local shops and around his community.

His Aboriginal culture and heritage are very important to him. Doug enjoys participating in a local men’s Koori art group where he can continually socialise with other Australian Indigenous men, learn about his heritage and practice his skills in Aboriginal art. He has created some beautiful artworks and is always happy to share them with others.

Doug is a very talented musician who is amazing at playing the harmonica and is learning to play the ukulele. He attends regular ukulele classes where he has the opportunity to practice the songs he learns in a group. Doug also enjoys singing and dancing, listening to country music and anything by Johnny Cash or The Beatles.

Doug always enjoys going to markets or stopping by a garage sale in search for cheap radios which he repairs into better working order.

He loves dark chocolate, old movies, making loom bands, photography and creating new art projects.


Congratulations to Lou Packer who was awarded the Spring 2020 Staff Recognition Award!

Lou has been part of the New Haven Farm Home team since December 2014 and always demonstrates amazing commitment to the people she supports in her role as a Disability Support Worker.

Lou is always willing to help and encourage other staff and share her contagious happy and friendly outlook.

Lou has also been a member of our WHS Committee for several years.
Thank you for your hard work and commitment Lou!