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Inaugural Award Winners

This year, inaugural awards were introduced to align with New Haven Farm Home’s values of Excellence, Working Together, Respectfulness and Continuous Improvement. We were able to present these awards at our staff Christmas party.

The Continuous Improvement Award – Michael Chacksfield

Michael Chacksfield is proactive in his engagement with clients and the site to maximise support benefits. He always listens to clients’ wants and needs and passes on suggestions in client meetings.

The Respectfulness Award – Casey Packer

Casey has come very far in the past 12 months with her quality of work as well as how comfortable she is working with her peers. She is amazing with the clients and is always eager to make them happy. Casey is a very impressive young woman who views no task as too much to handle.

The Working Together Award – Kylie Karakizos

As a Villa Coordinator, Kylie has a style of work and communication that includes all parties internally (staff, clients) as well as externally. She has the ability to bring everyone together and have them work well with one another. Kylie is a great listener and learner and always provides a positive atmosphere for those around her.

The Excellence Award – Grace Boyle

Grace always demonstrates a high quality of work. She is extremely reliable and consistent, and a valuable member to any team she is a part of. She always
shows initiative and commitment to her everyday duties and consistently completes them in an efficient and effective manner.

Congratulations Madison

We’re pleased to announce that Madison Lewis has recently been awarded Employee of the Quarter. Madison’s hard work and excellent organisational and time management skills make her a highly valued team member at New Haven Farm Home. Congratulations, Madison.

Congratulations Geraldene

We’re very pleased to announce Geraldene as Employee of the Quarter. There is no doubt that Geraldene always gives 110% to her work and she is always putting in the effort to improve on herself as a professional. This does not go unnoticed.

Covering Villa 3 for the period of Georgia’s maternity leave was not an easy task. Geraldene flew in and provided unwavering support to Clients and staff over what could be perceived as a difficult period for this Villa. Congratulations Geraldene. We thank you for everything you do for NHFH to make this place better for Clients and the organisation as a whole.

“Geraldene is a dedicated and hardworking support worker who gives her best to ensuring all the clients’ documents are up to date. She also finds creative and engaging ways to make sure the clients achieve their goals.”

“Geraldene has done an amazing job as acting Villa Coordinator and has kept all clients documents up to date. Gereldene was fantastic with Joy and understanding her behaviours.”

“Geraldene has done an amazing job filling in for myself. I have come back to work with a very smooth transition.”

Congratulations Kirsten

Congratulations Kirsten Hartup, here is a snapshot of why your peers voted for you.

  • Kirsten is a team player who is extremely thorough in her duties. She displays professionalism in administering medication and isn’t afraid to stay back to ensure all jobs are complete. Kirsten is an asset for New Haven and I feel she is the perfect candidate to win this award.
  • Kirsten is a patient, hardworking and enthusiastic person. She is always such a great help and is very thorough with her job and teaching others. Kirsten is great to be around and deserves recognition!
  • Kirsten works solely from the heart. Kirsten is a true trooper and deserves this nomination as she is brave, never complains and always completes her duties with diligence and extreme care. Kirsten will double and triple check all of her duties and will bend over backwards for anyone, helping out staff members and clients in any way she can.
  • Kirsten is a hard worker, kind and the most the patient person I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
  • Kirsten is an outstanding employee who works well with clients but also goes the extra mile to help her teammates
  • Kirsten has demonstrated continuous support for clients throughout COVID-19. She does not let a positive case discourage the support she provides toward the clients.

Farewell our friend

Ian Graham was a long-serving member of the organisation and has dedicated over 20 years to the Board of New Haven Farm Home, many of those years as Chairman of the Board.

Ian has provided unparalleled commitment and contribution to the organisation over many years and his knowledge and presence will most certainly be missed. We would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to Alistair, Ian’s brother, whom Ian was incredibly devoted to. Additionally, we offer our utmost sympathies to Ian’s wife Patricia, and children Samantha and Anthony and their families as they mourn the loss of this wonderful man.

If anyone would like to offer their condolences to the family, they have asked that a donation be made to the Melanoma Institute of Australis been up to.


We would like to extend a huge and sincere thanks to Radiance Potgieter and her late husband Ted for their very kind and generous donation of multiple aids including various wheelchairs, walking and exercise aids, clothing, hoists, transfer aids, cushions and more. These items are very much appreciated.